arachnids - How to Build Terrariums & Vivariums : Picking the Right Types of Animals for a Terrarium

How to Build Terrariums & Vivariums : Picking the Right Types of Animals for a Terrarium

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  • LOL! "and even some types of SNAKES, things like GECKOS and other AMPHIBIANS" OMG!!!! now you called that "expert village"? geez.. you might need to change the name to "retarded village" -_-' whats gonna be next ? "You can choose any type of fish, such as Bearded Dragons and Pythons"? WTF? LMAO! RETARDS!!!
  • Do you guys have a forum?
  • OK, guys I need your help. I am making a vivarium resembling a southern Illinois swamp I need to think of some animals. I already know I wnt a green treefrog and a crayfish, but I need some kind of native salamander that is easily bought.Any sugestions? Note: I would perfer one that gravitates around water.
  • Seems like everyone that commented on this video already knows this stuff and become very cranky when reminded..... any who no worries Wes your doing good, ya you say some things that dont make sense or that contradict yourself but its cool man all these people telling you how your wrong are looking shit up themselves cause they don't know nor have the balls to put up a video. Just keep it up man ill use common sense to understand and not be an asshole by acting like I dont fuck up.
  • 2 minute segments of common sense and bullshit....! He should Google vivariums and terrariums for real info...
  • Carnivourus plants and herps? Awesome
  • @jessmjfan989 They should rename themselves to Village Idiots.
  • steryotypes quit trying to act like every one else who thinks these videos r wrong cause u say so these people are right
  • @mintrev I said that you decide on the animal first, then build the cage, not build the cage and then decide on the animal, that way you can make sure the cage is set up properly for the animal you have chosen. Let's say you set up a humid terrarium and then decide you actually wanted a beardie, then you'd have to redo the cage or choose a different animal. That's why it's important to choose the animal and build it to suit.
  • hes so stupid a geco is a reptile not an anphibian im personaly a animal expert people get your facts right
  • @froggin33 um ur suppost to decide wut animal u want for a terrarium cause if u dnt u could put a bearded dragon ina humid terrarium use ur head
  • This is only a step by step introduction into terrariums/vivariums. Most of us are smart enough to figure out what Wes is trying to say. eg. you need to make sure that the terrarium/vivarium environment is suitable for the animal you want to put inside. Wes is obviously a botanist, so plants are going to be his primary concern. People like me are planning it to house an animal of sorts. These videos should all be watched BEFORE starting on the project. These videos are great if your not stupid.
  • flies can be bred without wings dumbass. and if your so smart then why dont you get paid to do this
  • @froggin33 ..way to take what he said out of context. Where's your expert video? He attempted to show a very basic intro to vivariums. If you've seen any of his other videos, he's more of a carnivorous plant guy. In his world, planting the vivarium is paramount to animal selection. Nothing wrong with that if you are attempting a specific habitat, then choosing animal(s) to fit that habitat. Furthermore, your definition is wrong. A vivarium can be plants, animals, or both. You fail, Wes does not.
  • First, a gecko is NOT an amphibian... Second you NEVER decide what animals go into a terrarium AFTER you build it, you build a vivarium to suit the animal you want to house (poor use of the term, btw, it becomes a VIVARIUM once you add animals). Also, "the benefits of this type of terrarium is that the animals wont jump out (or whatever)", but "be sure to secure the lid as quickly as possible so that the animals or flies don't escape". So, can the animals escape or not? Expert Village is a joke.
  • i dont know about him but i first choose the pet and then look what it needs to live. he Idk Chooses tropical and then looks which pets there are Maybe he doesnt like iguanas or Tokay gecko's Etc so i think thats a dumb start.
  • stupid man.
  • nice thx this will help a lot
  • Expert Village is a bunch of normal people with poorly know any facts about stuffs trying to be an expert.
  • I think that your brains have escaped
  • More information, Kozłowski - pędzle do makijażu - here.