arachnids - Tarantula Babies!!!!!

Tarantula Babies!!!!!

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  • They will eat them due to stress sometimes
  • They will eat them due to stress sometimes
  • It is sad to see the momma seriously worried about her babies but I've also seen some of the greatest moms decide on a whim they are done and leave it or eat it, so for the betterment of the babies its best! Did you give her back her sack after you emptied it?
  • I can't believe 2 things...(1) I hate spiders... so why did I watch the full video? (Shudder!), and(2) I can't believe I actually felt really sorry for the mommy tarantula!! (YIKES!)
  • That poor mother! It is better this way though...
  • Starburst is all like: MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Breaking my heart there at 8:04! She didn't want you to take her babies 😂
  • Please put her babies back she looks pissed off 
  • What would happen if you switched the eggs sacs? how would they react or would they not notice?
  • you mean person
  • I see further down in the comments it says she might eat her babies. Why does she eat them?
  • Poor thing, she kept looking for her babies.
  • i HATE spiders. but her fighting for her babies, then looking for them made me feel some type of way.
  • I hate spiders, but I'm watching them... Makes me shiver...
  • i was really upset i wanted to see the baby spiders (already developed and moving) and the spider wanting her babies :(
  • what do u do with the babys when they hatch
  • kidnapper
  • When he opened the second box. I was scared shit less of how close it was to him.
  • THE DINGO STOLE MY BABIES!!!! Hate to say it but I hope she 'haired' ya! :( 
  • Do you sell to
  • at what point do you start introducing them to food 
  • i got babies 2 days ago 
  • wonder if it puts stress on the mother at all. and does it remember the sac was stolen the next day? or do spiders forget? i know when i move my eggs from my leopars gecko tank she acts a little upset for a while the day after. 
  • I want to buy
  • Good video, but I hate watching the sack being pulled from the clutches of the mother. 
  • I'm just curious as to why you wouldn't leave the egg sack in there and let the mom take care of the babies? Is it because you want the tons of babies in a controlled area? Would the babies eat the mom? If i were to breed my spider, what would happen if I just let the mom take care of her eggs?
  • Deadly animals shouldnt be allowed to be used as pets
  • Derp
  • Array
  • D'aww they're cute :3
  • More information, - here.