arachnids - Fifth Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP

Fifth Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP

From (od) : Felipe Costa | Sports | time (czas) 08:47 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 30892 | rating (ocena) 4.5454545 | Advert. orzechy ogłoszenia | Fifth Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP.

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  • song?
  • oh man it's only $120 a day? that's a sweet deal for that level of instruction. i am so going as soon as i can. i have a major fear of flying though :( so i'll probably have to hitchhike to brazil but one way or another i'm doing this.
  • yo this looks really fun. i just started bjj 2 months ago its been one of the greatest decision of my life. ( even though im always getting tapped out n on the bottom ) lol. but hey i guess everyone starts there.
  • Man this is so cool, makes me want to go roll right now!!!
  • thats expensive, ill stay here and train i pay 60 a month and i can barely keep up
  • camp? cmon guys 1200 dollars for 10 days? are you rather have as many private lessons with pronounced bjj experts with 1.2K
  • @Endure0331 it is by black eyed peas, not sure the song name. hope that helps
  • What's the song ?
  • rsrsr o cachorro foi o que mais aproveitou!
  • hey whats up bro were can i find out info on this camp or any bjj camps. over in brasil
  • Watching this video makes me want to become a Black Belt. Although I guess I should start with lessons. LOL FUN VIDEO!
  • the next one is schedule to April 5, 2008.
  • you should work for the brazilian tourist board. some great shots of brazil
  • what song is on the video?
  • Awesome guys.. really cool. felipe you're getting good at making videos :D /jesper gotland bjj sweden
  • I opened up a separate savings account just for this camp, haha.
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