arachnids - South East Arachnid Show 27.1.2013

South East Arachnid Show 27.1.2013

From (od) : thespiderooms | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 29:14 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 4290 | rating (ocena) 4.8139534 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | South East Arachnid Show 27.1.2013.

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  • and i just jizzed my pants. god i want this show here
  • Man I wish we had shows like this in the states!
  • Nice video mate :-) what did u buy?
  • awesome show
  • That's it....UK here I come!
  • Baby due in march, I probably won't be awake much in april lol! I heard there's a show in newport, If I can make it I will.
  • Was good to bump into you and have a natter fella! A great day
  • Can't believe I had to miss this one. Ah well. Plenty good ones coming up eh. lol
  • Thanks for recording the show, we're really pleased to see so many good comments. I help to organise the show via advertising, bookings and finding traders. This year we had a few traders less than 2012 but more tables! But we're always looking to improve things and have already started planning for the 2014 show. I shall also be at BTS, plus the drinking the night before, I'm easy to spot, just head for the loud one. Also, would it be possible to include this on the Invicat website?
  • Yes, always good to catch up with like minded people. Are you off to the BTS? if so, I'll see you there and you can fill me in on your breeding projects progress. My versi is getting big now, and starting to tear her web to start rebuilding and adding an extension me thinks. Can't wait for her to drop a sac!
  • Yep, will definitely be there! Probably going up the day before and catch up with people over a few beers. Hopefully both my B.bohemei will have been paired. Want to try my versi again and maybe in the market for a MM P.metallica to put in with my girl. Look forward to seeing you fella.
  • did ya buy anything? x
  • Didn't buy anything this time, I was selling, my collection was in need of a kull as me and the wife are expecting our first child in march and a lot of my time this year will be spent with the new arrival, once he's grown I cant wait to buy him his first T ;0)
  • congrats on the pregnancy!!!! very happy for ya , good luck...
  • did you buy any new Ts?
  • i thought the show was awsome any new additions ?
  • Yeah, you have great reptile expos over there.
  • Great video we don't have shows like that here in the states.
  • Hi Pete, Please feel free to use this video on whatever website you want. Spread the word!!! You and the rest of the S.E.A.S team put on a great show that gets better every year! I'm looking at getting a better camera and maybe doing interviews with yourself and possible some of the other stands there at the next show, would this be possible? I'll be at the BTS, maybe we can meet up for a chat? Thanks again
  • Great! I'll see you at the BTS and well chat then. Thanks
  • Nope, sold loads though :0( had a bit of a kull. Plus my versi is gravid! x
  • I can't believe they don't! Then again, you could just drive south and catch your own lol
  • nice vid man. are you coming back to the motherland to the show in newport? april i think.
  • Thanks for recording this event! I would have had so much fun there! I hope you were able to buy something nice!
  • Thanks mate!
  • Well Great show , guess you were at Michaels Scheller's table Late in the vid?!
  • Yes, lets definitely chat. Im at the BTS lectures and Im at the BTS expo (on the Invicta tables). We'd be very pleased to get some vids of the show and I really appreciate being able to use it, thanks.
  • Yeah that's weird, I wonder why that is? There are plenty of T keepers in the states to warrant one...
  • Why don't we have amazing stuff like this in the U.S....I suppose we have reptile expos...
  • Yeah, Michael Scheller's tables were amazing, the best, as always. He has some amazing T's for sale and plenty of stock too. Thanks
  • That it was!
  • im way jealous bud
  • More information, nowoczesna fryzura - here.