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Why Do Tarantulas Molt? | Pet Tarantulas

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  • Help my taranrula is molting and nothing is happening it is doing nothing laying down there not shedding pls help me
  • After your tarantula molts what do you do with the old part?Dump it?Sell it?Put on show to scare your friends? I don't know!
  • My turantula molted today
  • me too
  • I have a rose hair tarantula, i love spiders.
  • I'm not keen on any spiders at all really! Although I have been following the spider series and might I add - enjoying it too! I have a quick question regarding this video and a previous video.. In the videos Bob always seems to refer to the tarantula as a male. Saying things like "him, he and his" I was wondering if the word tarantula means the species and the gender. For example a sheep and a ram. If so what is the female called? Thanks! Keep the videos up
  • awesome
  • Omg for a second I thought "Um, your tarantula is dead, sir," but then I realized lol.
  • to be honest with you I do not care I hate spiders in a creek me to f*** out nobody my family like spiders in nasty s***
  • Then how does Spider-Man molt?
  • 8th, first like
  • 6th
  • This guy is awesome
  • eaw
  • cool
  • gross
  • no-one cares about you and your family
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