arachnids - Rehousing the B.emilia (Mexican Painted Red Leg)

Rehousing the B.emilia (Mexican Painted Red Leg)

From (od) : Jon3800 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 03:13 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 2367 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Rehousing the B.emilia (Mexican Painted Red Leg).

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  • Nice video jon :-) my b smithi juvie male was a nasty git lol glad i got rid of him for breeding.
  • Its a piece of tree bark.. Tissue rolls aren't good for Ts...they mold easily
  • not to judge you with your naming but naming a B. emilia emilia is kind of weird you should name her emily or something like that i hope thats not a big problem with you though dont take it personally please its a nice t btw
  • I love B.emilia's, such beautiful colourings :)
  • @ultum4tegunz B.emilia DO NOT get that big...Max they get is around 4.5''-5. They are smallest members of the genus
  • @Jon3800 thanks!
  • @jejeboy11 her name is Amelia after the first woman pilot Amelia Airheart...I think its a lovely name
  • @Jon3800 ok thanks
  • @Jon3800 i will keep mine at 73 to 78 degrees will that be fine
  • @knglee3rd you can refer to my pokie videos on how I transfer them... Put them in large open cups and coax it in and put it in the new cage. Do this in an open area.
  • alberto
  • very cool! since my Ts are a GBB and venezuelan tiger rump, any suggestions on best way to rehouse them? my idea is to put the smaller container into the new home lol
  • @Jon3800 ausome thx i thought it would be nice to share with everyone that im a begginer with T's my mother hates them but im inlove with them lol im getting my first T a B. SMITHI and a B.VAGAN and a AVIC AVIC pink toe i cant wait to get them i love your videos jon your ausome...
  • I want this species so bad. Number 1 on my wishlist:)
  • gorgeous T
  • Gorgeous, getting a sling on Friday along with another A. Geniculata and a replacement Euathles Sp. Yellow sling. First new T's since October - I'm slacking. ;)
  • @c032970 yes
  • is that a tissue roll? can i use a tissue roll for a hide for the Ts?
  • super cute!
  • @knglee3rd i meant sun tiger lol
  • Nice video Jon, hopefully she does well in her new enclosure!
  • hey jon im just wondering if a tarantula can last with 70 degrees farenhite brachypelma spiecies because my parents dont want me to get a heater for at most 2 months
  • love b emilia, especially that triangle on theire carapace makes them cute
  • @jejeboy11 they can and will but they won't be exactly too happy about it. Ts around 65-70 won't be very active much
  • @tarantulaguy1998 I sneezed. I forgot to edit it out
  • COOL!!!!
  • Jamies Ts has 72 hour heat packs.. they gotta sell them somewere in Canada Such a cool T!! definitly on my wishlist.. B Emilia get 5-6.5" I think. easy trainsfer...compaired to pokies ...etc
  • Pretty.
  • More information, rękodzieło sprzedam - here.