arachnids - DIY Aquarium Slate or Flat Rocks Decor Aquascape

DIY Aquarium Slate or Flat Rocks Decor Aquascape

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  • Like the yellow Cichlids.
  • Now here is a.major.question for any aquarium enthisiust out therw. I recently bought a piece of slate from petco specified for aquarium use. I have had it in my tank for a few weeks and noticed that a shiny spot was appearing. At first glance it looks like an oxygen bubble but is gold colored and shiny when closely examined. It has only appeared this wewk. Is it gold, pyrite, or copper and if so should i rwmove it and return my slate?
  • Your cichlids look happy. :) 
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I lives in India where it's difficult to get slate rock for aquarium... I got it directly going to mining site... Is there is way to check if rock contains any harmful substance... OR Is there is a way to remove chemical through any process?
  • this video just inspired me to get same yellow labs cichlid 
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