arachnids - New Arrival - King Baboon (Citharischius Crawshayi)

New Arrival - King Baboon (Citharischius Crawshayi)

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  • @sidewaysonhighways Yeah the packaging was terrible, im surprised it survived lol but i actually sold mine. Didnt really like it. Too fast and aggressive for me lol. Pet hole as well. Hope yours is doing well tho :) Jason
  • I'd be pissed too if my tarantulas were delivered like that. There really is no need for substrate to go into the packing. Glad "she" (hopeful thinking) got there safe and sound at least.
  • Yeah, ive always had them in vials all snug but this was in a tub, with subsrate, even its water dish LOL. The guy obviously was too scared to transfer it. Oh well, its fine at the moment, in pre moult and burrowing as we speak :) Jason
  • Where is a good place to buy a King Baboon?
  • Mate... Dont. When it arrived i was like shit... but luckly she is okay, totally fine. The guy who packed her didnt care i dont think. Pissed me off :( Jason
  • Wasnt it wrapped and compressed in the case? Thats probably the worst packaging I have ever seen in my life! You could've had a DOA.
  • They are handleable. What I do is lightly tap on the ground next to them to get them on the move. Then I put my hand down in front of them and they will crawl onto it. Its safer for the handler than proding at the spider or trying to cup it up, which in turn will only piss them off. Also causes the spider, perhaps a bit less stress. I do this with my aggressive species.
  • Which website did you buy it from?
  • I just got one of those yesterday. Mine hissed at me this morning. Can't wait till it grows up. Mine came better packed. Not your fault of course. Whoever shipped it, didn't do it right. Sounded like someone playing the cover for Outside by Staind.
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