arachnids - Starship Troopers - Outpost 29

Starship Troopers - Outpost 29

From (od) : Ross Mahon | Gaming | time (czas) 16:24 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 143375 | rating (ocena) 4.251064 | Advert. wiatraki na wsi | Starship Troopers - Outpost 29.

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  • Seem ants leon of half life 2 JAJA
  • Do you recommend this game, Ross?
  • I'd kill for a remake of this game for next gen.
  • So this was a game before it was a movie?
  • I understand now, that this is a game, What I would want to know: Is this game on console only, or PC only? (Or both) And if console, then which one?
  • ら
  • Bugs are charging again? They never stopped charging!
  • what year was this game
  • Where's the nuke now!
  • U good man... U really smart 
  • why didn't he just grab the 60 on the tower!?
  • Call master chief!!!!!!
  • is cool
  • What this game only needs improving is the voice acting ._.
  • It's a beautiful film.
  • What is this being played on?
  • Awesome game. Until that big bad Tanker appear make the game lag like hell.
  • What console is this on?
  • Thats not a complete Halo 1 ripoff...
  • Dina Meyer (a.k.a. Dizzy Flores)FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER or just search for @DinaMeyerShe deserves more followers!
  • the dialog in the back round is too much XD
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