arachnids - Are You Afraid Of The Dark - Tale of the Lunar Locusts - S7E4

Are You Afraid Of The Dark - Tale of the Lunar Locusts - S7E4

From (od) : AreYouReallyAfraid | Entertainment | time (czas) 24:17 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 14553 | rating (ocena) 4.714286 | Advert. brykiet tu ogłoszenia | Are You Afraid Of The Dark - Tale of the Lunar Locusts - S7E4.

Comment (komentarze):

  • I know this girl the girl that is telling the her movie is the girl next door she's just a actress
  • I mean the who is telling the story 
  • Wow, his girlfriend was ANNOYING! Stalker much?
  • aww.. i was really hoping garry wud come back into the midnight society
  • Man, that was TERRIBLE! No where near as good or as intense as the original cast.
  • A full moon is romantic because?
  • So bitch girl went to the police with the story of "The new girl at my school is a monster in disguise and she's trying to steal my boyfriend!" and they actually sent officers with her? Sure they would...
  • Julie = Allison from cry of the cat and Iris from calling all creeps
  • actually jocerrado thats his twin brother, I think he has been in another one of these AYAOTD episodes the tale of the thirteenth floor.
  • Tara lipinski is pretty!
  • Believe it or not, I thought the idea behind her story was good. I didn't like the story itself though. I never cared for the new midnight society. They need to show reruns of the first five Seasons of Are You Afraid of the Dark.
  • acting sucks hairy balls
  • Ice man
  • Aaron Ashmore is soooooo hot!
  • Nope! That is Aaron Ashmore! His twin brother Shawn Ashmore is Ice Man!
  • No comments? Really?!
  • The ending was not that good.
  • This is some serious shit - I think this is one of the worst AYAOTD episodes, it's like Goosebumps quality.
  • I especially like the story The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor. I liked the idea of how you may not really know the person you see everyday. They told us we have to see beyond the face of that person.
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