arachnids - Haplopelma lividum (Cobalt Blue) Mating

Haplopelma lividum (Cobalt Blue) Mating

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  • You lucky man1 I'm about to mate mine too Hopefully anything goes wrong, butHonestly, you should have fed the femaleA lot more before mating, you almost lostThe male
  • I actually like the music. What track did you use?
  • Thought for sure the male was going to get eaten then lol
  • I got so nervous when she tipped over! Glad he made it out! Amazing footage!
  • ...women!I can't wait for half of my T's to be at breeding age.
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  • 1- leg 
  • nice video nice quality nice music man !!!
  • good job on saving the male guys!!! some people really don't care about the male and just let the female completely obliterate him which is really sad
  • Haplopelma lividum Mating
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  • Haplopelma lividum Mating
  • thanks ;)
  • Nikon D600
  • Machine 4 two thousands bucks?? For this money I bought the car... :-)
  • What model of camera?
  • Good luck on a viable sac!
  • Nice video, she was pretty receptive for a Haplopelma, lovely looking girl
  • Nice separation
  • thanks ;))
  • When I saw her legs I was like 'good look dude your gunna need it' hahaha
  • I use Kodak zx3 and slow motion efects..
  • This is intense.
  • Awesome video! Thanks!
  • genial!!!
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