arachnids - Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

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  • I've got a mexican red knee who turns her nose up at worms and small roaches, any recommendations on how to get her into them?
  • I keep might e in a 10 gallon once it gets bigger I'm thinking 20 or 30 gallon should b fine
  • T. Stirmi! Love it!
  • no more goliath?
  • She said ummm 23 times in 2 minutes
  • Lol their not "quite" large; they are the biggest spider in he World.
  • 3rd
  • 2nd
  • Cool video of the T. Stirmi. I'm hoping to get one at the reptile expo tomorrow. Would an adult be ok to live in a 10-gallon tank for now & what's the best substrate to use?
  • We had some, they may have sold out by now. They are in stock fairly often, so keep checking back!
  • don't ever feed them mice. any food with bones has too much calcium that builds up in the tarantula's body and makes it too difficult to molt which will kill them.
  • think more along the lines of a 10-20 gallon man, ive seen females about the size of a large critter keeper lol
  • Which is still a goliath, albeit the burgundy goliath. :)
  • Reptiles are cool but I really don't like spiders. Blah!
  • wait do you currently have these for sale? i just checked the tank and couldnt find any?...
  • Yup! Searching "veiled chameleon LLLReptile" in the YouTube search bar should pull up at least one for you. :)
  • what a wuss wont handle it lol lol lol ,watched a guy on a nature program pick one of these guys up and held him in the wild,according to him the males seem less eager to bite than the females and tend to do more hair flicking you could actually see on camera thousands of tiny hairs amazing to watch but not good for the lungs and eyes,love you guys videos and alway watch very informative thanks for that ,,dougie from scotland in the united kingdom...
  • What would you feed it,a rat or mouse,roaches,crickets?
  • that is a stirmi.
  • dam. this woman is fearless
  • Since we are not trying to get ratings on TV, we would much rather err on the side of caution for both our sake and the sake of the spider and refrain from handling them. We're fully aware of the hair flicking (another reason not to handle them). Goliath Bird Eaters are no joke, and we treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • Cool
  • I really wonder, where this goliath bird is ... and when he will be eating the tarantula :P
  • Yes they r best left as view only pets, I have never handled mine! They don't like 2 be handled and I don't like 2 be bitten!
  • What size tank should they have?
  • you so sexy lol
  • All of the above, except the rat. A mouse pinky would be a good occasional prey item.
  • fuckin nasty as hell lol. who would have these as pets?
  • Beautiful spider!
  • for a medium sized like a large critter keeper and for a adult like a 5 gal tank
  • More information, ryby kupię - here.