arachnids - Angelfish feeding frenzy - live food

Angelfish feeding frenzy - live food

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  • How often do you feed them live food? I got some new angelfish and im planning to do this! 
  • how do you raise the food for your fishes? Thanks.
  • Worst finrot I've ever seen
  • OM NOM NOM!!!
  • they really do.. they have much more energy after it..
  • :D it looks dirty, but i filmed the bucket with larvae right after i catched them from water.. I cleaned most of the mess before i gave it to the fish..
  • Is it safe to feed mosquito larvae to fish? ie; viral, parasites, bacteria?
  • Looks like they're enjoying that I've subscribed to your channel. Hope you can sub me back
  • it depends of location.. i got a barrel, where all rain-water accumulates and mosquito hatch there, so its quite clean water... but larvae in pools in nature can contain some danger rubbish.. i have never caught live food in nature.. :) but i think that if live food doesn't kill fish, it makes them stronger :)
  • beautiful angels :O
  • neat
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