arachnids - my new King baboon spider (Citharischius crawshayi).wmv

my new King baboon spider (Citharischius crawshayi).wmv

From (od) : chris mcgroggan | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 03:32 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 4483 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. | my new King baboon spider (Citharischius crawshayi).wmv.

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  • @da0867 thanks for the comment, there is a bottle cap in there i waited until it established a burrow first then i added the water bowl, cheers
  • @Veridium14 yeah it doent have much colour to it but looking forward til it matures it will be massive!!
  • sorry, he was 19. this spider's venom is actually pretty strong, you can read about it on some forums
  • you're one of my heroes, dude, lol. :) i've never held a tarantula before in my life, and i don't think i could get up the nerve to ever hold this kind.
  • yes but not to bad,still wouldnt want bit though lol
  • are they venomous? o.O
  • @KoH4711 thanks mate!
  • Yo is that spider still alive?
  • @NFS389210 yeah mate it is,
  • thanks mate
  • @nickzeddisgod thanks!! shes burrowed all the way to the bottom now and eat crickets like mad!
  • damn you are a crazy idiot
  • no problem mate cheers
  • sorry but I need to disagree with you about the "not too bad" venom.. I personally have King Baboon (pelinobius muticus which was before called Citharischius crawshayi) and it's around 5 inch now, my friend last month was trying to get it onto his hand without letting me know before and he got bitten, he says until today he can feel the pain in the spot, he was in hospital for two days and he had very high fever (1 or 2 days after bite)
  • Man, I just gotta say, I love the care and attention you put into transferring containers. Seriously, I've seen too many videos today where idiots just dump spiders from container to container. What the hell.
  • what age was he five? lol,i meant not to bad compared to pokie venom
  • you have balls for putting her on your hand!
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