arachnids - My Black and White Argentine Tegu eating crickets

My Black and White Argentine Tegu eating crickets

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  • right now he is like 2 feet long and im not sure how old..mabey 6 months
  • big rats, 5 weekly
  • No I just give them to him as a treat....but now he is wayyy to big for crickets so I give him mice.... I even give him a fat gerbil every now and than he loves it!
  • Yo man your tegu is way to big for crickets. Stick to the meats or feeder roaches. Don't feed in the cage, not because of cage aggression but I would watch out for impaction, mostly while eating those small crickets in that cage.
  • Crickets, feeder mice, things you would feed a large lizard.
  • meh its ok to feed tegus that size with crickets as a treat. But if you feed only crickets its not enough ur rite
  • How old and big is he?
  • you should feed him with supermealworm
  • Do u think an argentine tegu can live in a 6 foot by12inches
  • avoid citrus, but occasionally a nectorine is fine.
  • I really hope you research more into this species before getting one, because they can be really hard to take care of.
  • wat do these guys eat??? im asking cuz i might get one soon but im just researching em rite now
  • about 4-5 feet i think
  • how much do they eat when they get big??
  • how big do they get?
  • you feed him always in cage
  • I love it when big lizards still go after crickets. It's so entertaining.
  • Pre-killed rats once a week, ground turkey, cooked eggs, Feeder roaches, fresh fish, grapes, strawberries, melons, and other soft fruits.
  • yah they tend to get about 4 1/2 feet long i feed him in his cage all the time i dont worry about cage agression too much because i handle him daily
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