arachnids - Haplopelma Longipes - Tarantula [Wild Catch]

Haplopelma Longipes - Tarantula [Wild Catch]

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  • Soooo venomous. Nice handling. 
  • Surprisingly docile.. And very healthy
  • I hate to be one of those guys but haplo's are obligate burrowers and one that size needs several inches of substrate depth. 
  • amazing creature
  • You're right because, a lot of T hobbyist say that Ts wont bite what they're perching on doesn't matter how aggressive or skittish the species is. So it makes sense now is why my B. Smithi is always comfortable when walking or perched on the palms of my hands. I only do this to new worlds but never attempted holing old worlds yet.
  • I think my HL should be due for another transfer next year because i suspected she will be molting pretty soon at least sometime this year and, i think i should try to attempt on holding her for the first time with no panic or harm to myself and the spider like you said. I really don't know, but i will try lol!! Thanks for sharing us your courageous video there Frode. You inspired me to be like you ^_^ Million thanks again!
  • Hey I've heard that the fastest most dangerous tarantulas in the hobby right now is the S. Cal or Featherleg Baboon. Is it really true there Frode?
  • maaan you have guts
  • In my case, i still have to get use to em. Hopefully i get to handle old worlds someday just like you. lol! Those arboreal Ts scares me because of their remarkable ability to turn on a dime. I kinda imagine myself prodding one of em with a pair of feeding tongs for a cage transfer, then all of a sudden, it teleports itself all the way up my neck. Yikes!. lol!
  • Great big balls of steel!!
  • That's right, out of all of my old world Ts, Longipes in my experience are very unpredictable!! I still remember the day when i first transferred my adult female HL to a new tank, she struck my feeding tongs then attempted to grab my feeding tongs just to run up my arm!! Good thing i let go of my feeding tongs before she gets on my hand. lol! Dude, I really do salute you for handling one of these little devils for reals.. lol!!
  • I honestly would love to handle aggressive Old World species someday lol! Yea, any sodden movements with an S. Cal will have em running like crazy all over my body. Or worst, bite me later by running in a hole inside my house! I tell you what, if i should do a stunt like that after graduating myself from handling other Old Worlds someday, i should handle an S. Cal outside where its safer than having em escape inside my house lol!
  • Beautiful big girl
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