arachnids - Guide to packing & Shipping Tarantulas

Guide to packing & Shipping Tarantulas

From (od) : Steven Stamps | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 20:58 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 1775 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Guide to packing & Shipping Tarantulas.

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  • You are welcome
  • Thanks for the video, Steven. I've been having problems with tarantulas getting stressed and kicking a lot of hairs during shipping, so I'm getting some ideas of how to do things a bit differently...
  • you can get the box from fdex themselves right? how important is the heating pack if i'm shipping to florida from nebraska?
  • Thank you for this....always wondered how you guys packed them up!
  • Thank you, that was really informative.
  • Relly helpfull video! Thanks a lot!
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.