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Super Crickets Strange Colors

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  • could thay be Gryllus assimilis or Gryllodes sigillatus? sorry not great with crickets but i know those are two more common feeders in Europe.
  • They are Gryllus Assimilis.
  • I've heard they are from Jamaica or a hybrid of those and our domestic house crickets. Not sure if there is any truth to the rumor though.
  • What cricket species are they?
  • I love these guys. I used to buy the common brown crickets from pet stores, next day had many die off...also they stink like sh**. About a year ago I purchased these field crickets from the same pet store I get brown crickets. These are way bigger and meater than brown crickets. Also they really don't die off. They live, I believe, 2-3 months, very healthy and strong. And the best part, NO SMELL!! I've been breeding these on my own for the past year and haven't bought any crickets since.
  • I believe that this is the Jamaican Field Cricket. If you are currently using them to feed another animal, I recommend you find another supplier. The Jamaican cricket has earned a nasty reputation for being very vicious, biting very often, and due to them having very large jaws (or whatever they're called) they can inflict serious harm on animals. Many suppliers switch to them due to them being larger, hardier, and more resistant to diseases that are plaguing the house cricket, which is harmless
  • @makoygaara Hey, that's the million dollar question! Somebody tell us!
  • I'm not sure however I can say from my experience raising and breeding them that they are not related to the common house cricket in fact this is a species of field cricket from India.
  • I love the black crickets for a list of reasons .....lizards tend to like them better they are bigger some say less noise and some say they dot stink as much but they sometimes bite some day they also have a harder shell...... They sometimes will kill brown crickets And eat them If they don't have enough food
  • they look like they are pretending to be red runners
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