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Mexican Red Knee Care Video

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  • Humidity 50-90%?! for a RED KNEE?! BRO!
  • Hey, i have a few questions. I have my Rose Hair Tarantula, and I bought her last year around December 27th-30th, and she just stopped eating for like a week so far. Does this mean she can be molting soon?And for my tarantulas, I use wood chips for my Rose Hair and Red Knee, are wood chips okay or is Eco Earth better?And finally, I ordered a 3 inch Red Knee, what sort of heat source can I use so I don't kill it (its sorta small) and i use a heat pad for my rose hair and I'm hoping a heat pad will work for the 3" redknee.Thanks!
  • It's so CUTE
  • Does this go with a golden knee 
  • They are venomous, just for the record
  • How old?
  • I recently bought a Mexican red knee spiderling. Any tips?
  • just bought a juvenile b smithi. any tip?
  • Its cute bro
  • How is this Going to be a red knee if this is already a red knee??? !!!
  • that depends on the room temperature. I don't use them personally. But if you need to use a heating pad to keep the temperature, then put it on the side, not under the enclosure, because i the holes they dig, they can easily overheat and die.
  • So since i am in a basement, it may get cold for the tarantula, should i get a heating lamp?
  • Yea I would say it was too tall. Exo terra makes special enclosures that are short so your t cant climb or you could put a lot of substrate so it fills up the 10 gal
  • your b.smithi is beautiful
  • Cheers buddy great video, I have mine on order and will collect my young juvenile next week. Great tips thank you
  • I have a few but when they molt i mist the tank as it helps the process and stops any complication were if its dry it will couse a bad molt witch i have experienced my red knee lost a leg but it has grew back in a couple molts
  • Virginia Cheeseman
  • Good video, buddy.
  • Just google local breeders or visit your local exotic pet store and ask them
  • Personally I dont like heating pads. But it depends on your climate. And I personally would not put it on the bottom of your setup because tarantulas burrow when they get hot and they would over heat if they tried to burrow
  • Is an 18 by18 by18 exotera too tall for a Mexican red knee adult. I think it might be to tall and if it tries to climb it might bust it's Abdomen. So I can put it in a shorter tank like a ten gall
  • Thats a good point I gorgot to mention. Thats also a good thing to do with all Ts
  • I have never owned one or any tarantula for that matter. I am wanting one so bad but I know nothing
  • Where did you get your Mexican Redknee Tarantula from?
  • i love redknees can you get one at petsmarts
  • More information, do kochania - here.