arachnids - Enclosure Maintenance on the King Baboon - Pelinobius muticus (formerly C.crawshayi)

Enclosure Maintenance on the King Baboon - Pelinobius muticus (formerly C.crawshayi)

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  • Your King Baboon likes very nice!
  • @SmoKYexe I switched from potting soil to eco decision I ever made. You don't need that much substrate for those 3 Ts so you don't need to make pre-dug burrows. The reason why I did this because old world species like this one need to burrow. Depending on how big your 3 are, if they're like 1-1.5 inches just use a delicup similar to the one I transferred that one in, and to add a cave. Just keep the substrate moist, and offer a small water dish when they get bigger. Congrats
  • @Hadsatriani Allow me to clarify for you Isopods are the scavengers...those are good for the Ts as they eat the dead remains of food items and at times feed on mold in the tank. Those you have to buy. I think those those are the ones you were trying to talk about. The white specs that you see in the video on the plastic sides are bad and very dangerous for the T. Those are mites...they can prey on the T and cause it to die. That's why I had to rehouse the T
  • @homermasterson nope, I threw the substrate out.
  • @RaginMoose100 pack it down. misting the sub helps.
  • beautiful T Jon
  • Beauitful t and transfer mate :- D how old is your king baboon female.
  • Ok see i had really tiny barly see em n my 1 tank so right away i changed substrate they from too moist?? Also my pacman frog had little white sorta almost clear fly look n things would those be isopods or what ever their called?? Thanks fer ur time!!
  • Hey Jon, i got a B.Smithi,A.Geniculate and a GBB sling. Will any of them like a pre-made burrow like you did? What do you think? And how are you linking Eco Earth? Is that your main substrate? I'm getting some in a day, will try it out.
  • @Jon3800 By the way maybe you should do a quick video of how you dry out the eco earth (if you do). I don't see many of those ,i for one would appreciate it ;)
  • Hey Jon when you have a burrowing species should you pack down the substrate to make it really dense or should you just place it in there kind of fluffy?
  • @ToothpickMcBrainy yes.. i never tried one (nor will i, ever) but i've heard of some countries to cook certain species and eating them... sounds disgusting.
  • @Jon3800 Cheers, thanks. I am using also potting soil. Looks like dirt tho, i don't like it. And actually the White Knee is around 2.7 , the smithi is 2 and my GBB which i got 2 days ago is a little black ant at 0.70. When should i stop keeping the substrate moist and just leave a water dish for the GBB ? I hear its around 5 inches but might as well ask you :)
  • @Jon3800 thx I did not know that always good info watching your videos
  • @SmoKYexe around the 3'' mark, you can offer it a bottle cap as a water dish
  • @Axsisdnied They changed it to a different Genus and species in July 2010 as the species doesn't closely match other Citharischius species (obviously not in the pet trade). C.crawshayi is no longer a valid name so its now called Pelinobius muticus
  • @Abomination5o2 My obt came with them too im pretty sure that they are fruit fllies to ensure that they have something to eat
  • I've given them tap water for years, nothing ever bad has happened to them.
  • one thing guys from other parts of the world where there are ants that might infest your T's enclosure, before placing the enclosure on the surface of your table put GENEROUS amounts of powder on the bottom so that the scout ant cant go inside the enclosure and also apply something like vaseline or petroleum jelly on the side of your enclosure
  • @SmoKYexe There's really no need to make a video of that. It dries up after a day or two, provided you DO NOT use too much water.
  • not anymore. This specimen passed away this summer
  • Jon I thought King Baboon was C. crawshayi does it go by both. Thanks any info would be great.
  • @Hadsatriani they are mites and they are not good. their actually good cause they eat the remains of crickets...those would be isopods and yes they are good. . just not these specs
  • she looks larger than 2 inches dude I'd say 2.5 - 3 at the least my LP is 2 inches and she's nowhere near as big and chunky as that lol you certainly have a beautiful KB nonetheless :P
  • Your neighbors are assholes man! Get some cheap tarantulas and like, stick em through the air vents and scare the pigfuckers!
  • @ToothpickMcBrainy yes, they are, but why would you want to. Most of these tarantulas cost an arm and a leg
  • @ToothpickMcBrainy lol!
  • Hey jon thanks for the reply!! But im kinda confused you said their bad.... But then ya said good!! So i notice in damp enclosures u see these more offten! Maybe im wrong just what ive noticed!!
  • @Abomination5o2 looked like them, they were seen in the tour video
  • They can drink tap water?
  • sik video
  • you didn't notice bugs in the enclosure what the heck lol
  • Also, the spider is lovely. Weird question, are any tarantulas edible?
  • awsome T jon!! question the little tinny white spec's ya can see on the glass of a terrarium what are they and are they bad?? ive heard their scavenging mite and their actually good cause they eat the remains of crickets and such whtas your advice man?? thanks alot!!
  • did you ever figure out what the strange bugs were ?.
  • More information, stokrotka pospolita - here.