arachnids - Stella (Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula) Tries To Get Out

Stella (Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula) Tries To Get Out

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  • You said it... Seemanni are too fast to be handled and I heard they are quite the escapologist!!
  • I dunno, never kept a young seemanni. Yours looks a lot browner in appearance than mine, which is the blue morph. But I've seen some young specimens of a.seemanni. They are brown in color and lack the stripes. No man, with age they'll show their adult colors. Much like a Green bottle blue. They start out butt ugly as slings but are amazing as adults.
  • Yeah, so is mine. I think that as they get older, they would look alot better.
  • Do these spiders look a little dull when young? Is it untill their last molt they will look like all of the others?
  • mine has rather dull coloration as far as the hues go. however, she is rather docile and is often quite easy to handle.
  • Actually, She molted twice since then, and is alot bigger and prettier now. Her abdomen shows a blacker appeaance, but the legs are still a bit dull, but they do have some stripes on it.. I don't know. Thanks for the info!
  • I've read like the rosea and p.murinus, they're exists 2 color forms. The dcf, which is my specimen and a lcf, a brown one lacking the stripes, which could be your Stella. The lcf is rare, but it is usually the males that lose the stripes on their ultimate molt. So all I can say wait until she grows :)
  • Darn. It looked alot better in my files. Sorry guys. Next video would be of either a feather legged orb weaver wrapping up prey, or maybe of a black and yellow argiope spider.
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