arachnids - HD - My Precious - FINALLY found Avicularia Minatrix Juvie!

HD - My Precious - FINALLY found Avicularia Minatrix Juvie!

From (od) : madamoisele1 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 02:22 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 1867 | rating (ocena) 4.6923075 | Advert. | HD - My Precious - FINALLY found Avicularia Minatrix Juvie!.

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  • Little cutie :)
  • What a wonderful T!!! Should Check Out my Collection , just Started recently to collect Avis. Cant Tell you why,all of the sudden Started to find them pretty . Just watched a few from youre vid and all of them are cool!!!where in Florida so you live? Hope you dont mind asking that??! Cause i am there very often, got relatives in Orlando and Wauchula, regards
  • Waiting for a Avic. Minatrix sling myself =) It´s a gorgeous specimen ... not as colorful as my Avic Diversipes , at least on the paws but the abdomen but that beautiful abdomen compensates it all =D Congratulations sweetie =)
  • LOL. Joe rossi? By the way joe rossi collects all his tarantulas from the wild . What a guy man. Sells them for outrageous prices on the boards.
  • Awesome.I feel like getting one they r beautiful
  • Very nice looking sling... I'll eventually get another avics, such a beautiful genus. My 4 inch female versicolor died last year....a victim of the ole "avics sudden death syndrome".
  • Thanks for the add...Fabulous Minatrix!
  • very beautiful!!
  • Mine molted out male - grrr! But on the bright side, I sold him to BrettG and he produced two successful sacs with his ladies, AND he was kind enough to send me five babies for the cost of shipping! I'm treating these guys with kid gloves, doing everything I can to keep them alive. So far so good! Here's hoping for at least one female out of them.
  • so beaty)
  • Beautiful! I had ordered one from Ken The Bug Guy, years ago, but he sold it at a tranatula expo moments before I got there to pick up my collection. I'll never forgive him for that!!!!! :)
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