arachnids - Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (G. rosea) making an egg sac.wmv

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (G. rosea) making an egg sac.wmv

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  • how do they lay eggs? do they have a opening on the underside of thier body ?
  • Haha it's so cute how she shimmys her butt while she lays down webbing💕
  • that noise is so unnecessary
  • that is not rush.... its MetallicA.... Call of ktulu
  • but this viedo is bad ass!!!
  • at lease the first song is....haha
  • Yep...Ba la mienne si elle bouge d'un cm c'est un exploit, je pars faire les courses deux heures plus tard elle n'a même pas bouger d'un poil.
  • least*
  • nice vid dude!
  • She has finished wrapping it, and you can actually see the perfect little shapes of the eggs pressing against the sac. She's taking very good care of it in the meantime. I'm gonna pull the sac around day 30 and incubate them, if all goes well.
  • First time moms seem to have some issues from time to time, but it is a chance you got to take sometimes. Hopefully next time around she'll do better.
  • I bought my Chilean rose Layla eight days ago after lots of research. She crawled into her artificial cave, and I thought 'cool, she must be building a burrow'! Um, it wasn't a burrow. I woke this morning to a thick white sheet covering the whole inside, and the substrate had been dug in a perfect bowl shape beneath the web. She laid eggs, and after, she tore it down and wrapped it... or she tried. She's having trouble with the wrapping process, but isn't abandoning it. I wasn't expecting this!
  • dude you should get an award for this video. i just bought an unwanted collection tonight and there is a chile that i am sure (through years of experiance) is about to lay an egg sack. f?*$king great video. seriously
  • She is doing fine, but she put her sac in her water bowl and we didn't catch it in time. All her eggs were destroyed. But we will try again another time.
  • Thanks. There aren't many videos of rose hairs laying eggs, so it was a perfect opportunity to get one. Again, thanks for the comment.
  • Sounds like you got yourself a wild caught rosie. Has she finished wrapping her sac yet? You should have eggs with legs in about 28-10 days. Have you decided to artificially incubate the eggs or are you going to let mom do the work? Keep me posted on how it works out for you.
  • my rose hair have a egg sac, should i fed her or not?
  • That was supposed to be 28-30 days, not 10 lol
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