arachnids - Mexican Red Knee Molting

Mexican Red Knee Molting

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  • really gross and it look like that ugly thing is dying 
  • this is so fking gross, i hope it's dying from pain
  • Turn off the music~Enjoy it
  • @joetoeb15 Fuck you. This is nature. You don't like it Gtfo
  • how long did your mexican red knee take to completely molt? including it lying on its back lol
  • ohh! alright, sorry :) lol
  • that was cool,,
  • lol looks like the spider is fist pumping,, to bad no music
  • @joetoeb15 OMG WTF? What if I said that to YOUR pet? Bet you'd start screaming like the big baby you are.
  • I think that is pretty cool when they do that lol
  • OMG! That was amazing! Thats my first time ever seeing a spider molt! I had to fast fwd to the last 3 minutes though! lol. I have 2 baby red knees and they molt the other day and I missed it. I'm disappointed but I can't wait to see it next time. How old is yours?
  • why u watching it then?
  • That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.
  • 5 hours (description box) o.o'
  • What the hell just happnd did it turn into two?! O.o
  • Simply amazing video, and amazing animal! Good job!
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