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Terrariums for Kids

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  • @txmomma2g wonderful project! Have fun! not sure about grasshoppers and small bugs. Would say to keep the lid on tight! They tend to escape. I had a cricket catastrophe once!
  • Great tutorial epic!
  • thanks :)
  • my mom and i made tons of these since im homeschooled, great tutorial!
  • @Sheray93 You are very welcome!
  • @epicfantasy okay :D thanks :) haha I actually found an old rock collection that i made when i was little. I found some pebbles in there :)
  • @Xythe43 YEs, definitely. A goldfish bowl will work well for a terrarium.
  • This is a great suggestion. I used to have tarantulas. I might make a terrarium for tarantulas. Thanks!
  • i dont know why, but that was so cool. lol
  • Thanks all! I have a couple more interesting terrarium projects coming including a moss terrarium and an upside-down terrarium.
  • hay im a kid and i already have a upgraded terrarium
  • THanks! Have Fun :)
  • I'm teaching about ecosystems in my 4th grade class. Thanks for the great ideas. Awesome, keep it up!
  • Maybe you could plant chives in a bottle, or rosemary in a pickle jar.
  • Can you use cotton balls in place for the sphagnum moss?
  • im making something i call a dragontooth terrerium i made it up tell me if you want to know the plants in it
  • @nachojr456 hmm, small legos would work just as well. Not the regular sized pieces. Use the small ones. And, do you have some space outside with dirt or grass? You could just scrounge around out there for a cup full of small stones and pebbles . No need to buy a bag.
  • very helpful tutorial, im thinking of making one of these with my daughter. Many thanks.
  • haha that's funny :)
  • I don't think the cotton balls would be a good idea. I think they might quickly rot.
  • Thank you for the video. Will be giving our daughter supplies to make her first terrarium for her 8th Birthday. She is the Grasshopper Queen and loves all small creatures (esp. grasshoppers)! Would like to include some in the terrarium. Any tips for small bugs?
  • great another really interesting tutorial keep up the good work bud...
  • Fantastic! Thank you so much for this video. Very clearn and concise.
  • hey for the pebbles, I cant find any and my dad and mom are like no u dont need them so would like possibly legos work? thumbs up for resources :D
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks! I am always looking for new projects so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!
  • can you make a video on how to make a terrariums for tarantulas?
  • will a goldfish bowl work
  • lol!
  • Great! I'm going to make some moss terrariums. do you have any tutorial on how to make a herb terrarium?
  • Thanks for the video! I am going to attempt to make a terrarium using my old 10 gal aquarium. I'm thinking of a woodland theme. Hope it turns out! May have the grandkids make their own too! Would be a great mother's day gift.
  • cool
  • Thanks for the great idea, I don't currently have any tutorials on herb terrariums but I will definitely do one. People will like it.
  • More information, książki dla rolników - here.