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How To Catch A Russian Tarantula

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  • this is a wolf spdier not tarantula 
  • No guys this is not a real tarantula...the south russian spider is sometimes called tarantula cuz of his size but its not from the tarantula families. There are few Tarantula families as Grammostola Brachypelma P, T and so on. Bird eating spider are also from the families of tarantula and mainly from the T (Theraphosa) family. The biggest reason why Russia doesnt have tarantulas is that all tarantula families can live on minimum 20 degrees tempeture in Russia this is the max tempeture. Read more before commenting!
  • It's a wolf spider, not a tarantula.
  • Hey do u speak English? Is that really a tarantula?
  • In Belize we do both.
  • In America, we fish, in Russia, they spider xD
  • Smart method:D
  • Сколько в детстве тарантулов не ловил на пластилин и жвачку, ни разу не видел, чтобы сие еще и прыгало
  • i will imagine this will come out everything i see a hole :C
  • Kill it kill it kill it !!!!!!!! :''''(
  • I'm gunna test this when I get a chance :-P I think it was blue tack :-P
  • Yes it is really a tarantula. On my channel there is a video that I shot myself on how to catch the southern Russian tarntula. my video with English description and English comments. Come and see.
  • What was that at the end of the line?.. sorry I can't understand Russian.. was it some type of sticky resin?.. this looks like an easy way to catch Aussie Ts..
  • и ещё , если человек не аллергик , то укус будет сравним с уколом жала шмеля.прошлым летом покусали :) Про прыжки на несколько метров - он на 15см то редко прыгает , у него даже подходящих для этого мышц нет , лапы давлением крови разгибаются . нужно мощное сердце для подобных трюков. П.С. а что с паучком то стало?
  • я их так же ловлю :) для террариума , очень интересно за ними наблюдать :)
  • нах я це дивився бррр...
  • yeap, its south russian tarantula they er smaller
  • You came for 2:25
  • yes, this is southern russian tarantula) don't confuse with bird-eating spiders, witch are somtimes called "tarantulas"))
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