arachnids - blue cobalt tarantula first feeding after molt

blue cobalt tarantula first feeding after molt

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  • ok she is from Asia they eat up to 3 crickets a day but can go days fasting before a molt they are the fasting living thing iv ever encountered. I put super worms in that she dident eat and burrowed down and turned in to super beetles and they ganged up on her wile she was molting. cobalt's being burrowers I didn't know till it was to late. I got revenge my scorpion ate every last one of them murderous bustards !!
  • ok they are from Asia and they eat about 2 crickets in 7 days
  • Fake the spider is rubber and there was a string tied to the cricket it wound up under the spider i know your movie magic tricks
  • that is severely cool
  • U ever pick it up?
  • The substrate looks too dry and too shallow they love humidity put it to about 80% and they are borrowers so have it at about 8inch
  • ...Dude this guy is a dick whenever someone comments on something. And he reacts like a 2 year old..
  • She is beautiful thanks so much for sharing
  • These losers can't even talk
  • I got one. Only 6 instar so still small, I never see her tho ! She's always buried!
  • Its beautiful... so cute
  • Very unsporting! Simply isn't cricket!
  • How long after your tarantula has molted do you recommend before you begin to offer food? my red knee molted last Sunday and she refused food for about a month now,just wanted to know if this is normal or if she's just being a bitch.
  • Stunning T, I have a few on my shopping list, this species being one of them. Love her name too!
  • subbed
  • It looks amazing
  • I hate spiders and scared to death of them but she sure is a beauty..
  • Beautiful Tarantula!
  • Looks cool
  • what's your substrate mix?
  • good is love
  • Where are these dudes native to?
  • This is INCREDIBLE!!! How can a spider be SO BEAUTIFUL?!!! I LOVE IT!!
  • Southeast Asia, places like Thailand I believe.
  • omg such a pretty color. so beautiful
  • that's awesome! how much does it eat in one day?
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