arachnids - GERBILS ROCK 5: Gerbils EAT Live Food

GERBILS ROCK 5: Gerbils EAT Live Food

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  • Good show. "those little pink hands." "Radar's got one in a head-lock." LOL
  • Wow i just got some gerbils yesterday and they are crazy.
  • This gona die
  • They're allowed to eat that stuff???!!
  • mealworm was molting! :)
  • Thanks Jan!
  • :)
  • welcome
  • Fantastic video! Thumbs up**********!! We subbed of course. Have a happy Wednesday afternoon and evening. Friendly greetings.Maria & Bela
  • Heh heh heh! :)
  • Hi Brian! Great video! ... You know I seen on t.v once that people actually eat those worms. I bet they are pretty good. LOL! Your Gerbil friends look like they are really healthy. Humm.m.... Did they have one of the cold ones from the box? Ha! Ha!! Hope you are having a good evening! and a fun weekend! Your friends, Mike, n the gang!
  • No problem, heh heh heh :)
  • Nature in its raw form. Cool commentary. Bill.
  • Heh heh heh, you got it Bro! :)
  • Haha the fans are going wild. Great my friend. God Bless you.
  • Thanks Mike! I thought of making a vid where I would personally eat a mealworm but, I'm gonna need some Ritz Crackers (everything thing tastes better when it sits on a Ritz) ha ha ha! I'm afraid the box is about as close to the colds ones as the Gerbils have gotten so far heh heh heh ! :)
  • Flake must ride the short hamster bus, he's a little slow on the take. :-)
  • Thanks William!
  • Thanks Maria & Bela! :)
  • hehe cute
  • Great video! And if Snow (if that's the one that you told me) was getting more aggressive, I wouldn't do it again with Snow!
  • God dammit, finally a video about gerbils without some shitty kiddy voices. THANKS.
  • Thanks Bill!
  • Thanks Susan! :)
  • Ha! Ha! Brian! Than would be funny, but you might gross your friends out! eewwuue! LOL! And for sure the ladies would never kiss you after seeing you eat a worm! Ha! Ha! I am going to my grandson's birthday party tonight. Maybe I will make more fun video's. Got Billy a big toy truck, he will like that. Probably have somegood food, and a cold one, or two. I will have one for you to! Ha! Ha! .... Hope you are having a fun weekend! Your friends, Mike n the gang! I will catch ya later!
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