arachnids - King Baboon Breeding Attempt!! Does he survive??

King Baboon Breeding Attempt!! Does he survive??

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  • is this technically spider porn?
  • "That's a huge bitch!"
  • Locking at the bottom of tarantulas scares me
  • This is similar to me and my husband XD lol "the female is receptive but the male is afraid of her so he's running say. Now the female has gotten bored and went back into her hide as the male explores the enclosure" :3 lmao 
  • do they have to be from the same place???Plz andswerrrr back :3
  • I know I should be paying attention to the tarantulas, but my God your voice makes me melt -///-
  • the male is probably like "Fuuuuuuuck! i want snusnu but not that bad!"
  • Is it possible to mate them after the female has molted? Like when she is still soft, that way she can't eat the male. Some other species of spiders do that, but I don't know about baboons.
  • 1.20 he's like nope I've told you, no fat chicks
  • Just wanted to let you know your so cute!!! I love a man who is an animal lover
  • Would you ever get a Brazilian Wondering Spider? 
  • Best of luck to you 
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  • Poor guy afraid of big women. He needs to think of it as just warmth in the winter and shade in the summer.
  • Wow that's he-uge!
  • Why did it have to be dark in the tank?
  • :-)
  • Wow that's he-uge!
  • Great videos! Whoa!
  • Why did it have to be dark in the tank?
  • If i where in your shoes, id make sure your female's abdomen is plump just to be in the safe side. No offense because, you know how notorious KB females are when it comes to eating their mates. 
  • Awesome video mate! King Baboon any tarantula for beginners lol?
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