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Where to Buy a Tarantula | Pet Tarantulas

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  • UM No Thanks!
  • My brother really wants a palomino blonde and I cant find one anywere were can I get one someone plz answer to this. 
  • Thanks a lot for the info! I'm an up and coming breeder so looking for as much knowledge as possible. ^_^
  • This is a nope video warning contains way to much NOPE
  • I cant touch a tarantula im scared
  • How about orb weaver spiders?
  • Thats so discussting, i dont even imagine who'd like to own tarsntula as a pet
  • Love these vids howcast
  • bitches first view first comment even though people don't even watch these videos
  • I have pet tarantula and its a big one and also I touch it was so scary I jump my self and the taeantula ascaped u ran away to my mothers place and it was so scary and sad that I lost my pet tarantula
  • I'm going to buy one just to step on it
  • yeah, me too
  • I can theorise your phobia. The ugliness of the ugly Tarantulas start burning the cortex of the brain, therefore, the brain of yours has started fearing the shitty spider. Note. that this is a joke.
  • Them: "You can find tarantula in a reptilian shop or online" Me:"You can buy tarantulas in hell"
  • Ugh spelling mistake and its I not u
  • damn
  • Yet these spiders look so fluffy, I want one.
  • Hey
  • I want a eating plant those are better pets haha it'll eat all the flies
  • 7th
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