arachnids - King baboon by Erkan

King baboon by Erkan

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  • yayour real crazy man i wouldnt do that scurrry 
  • You.. are a complete fucking moron.
  • Lol I'm sry but that Tarantula is adorable!!!!
  • You are fucking idiot
  • I hope u get bit and die
  • You have guts man but stop pissing her off!! If you didn't know... King Baboon courses hallucinations if bitten. 
  • I feel sorry for the poor spider thats a good way to get bitten. I have a 3cm female king baboon I have had her for almost a year and she has never reared up or hissed at me because I treat her well. If you buy a tarantula as a spiderling and handle it properly on a regular basis (every 4 days) it will get used to being handled and it will become docile. Be gentle and patient and dont make any sudden movements and more importantly dont provoke it (poking it or breathing on it) because the spider will perceive you as a threat.
  • i hope you get fucking bitten by it you dickhead
  • nice man
  • If your King baboon manages to land a lucky shot its gonna be guaranteed trip to the hospital lol 
  • You fucking moron. I hope she messes you up.
  • You have guts my friend
  • Cool
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