arachnids - Mexican Red Rump Tarantula in Florida

Mexican Red Rump Tarantula in Florida

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  • In my experience, redrumps are more nervous and less tolerant of handling, but I wouldn't call them aggressive, they just try to avoid being picked up. Rosehairs tend to be fairly docile usually, but can occasionally act aggressively. While you can generalize fairly well about different species, there are always exceptions possible for individuals, or even exceptions based on the present condition of an individual (is it near moulting, for example).
  • goood stuff
  • I have both a Chilean Rosehair and a Mexican Redrump. Margarita, my Redrump, is actually a bit on the aggressive side but Rosehairs are pretty docile.
  • this is a great video and i really enjoyed it the closest thing we have to a triantula in australia is the huntsman i slightly smaller spider which ranges from light grey to brown with spots on its abdomen it has very large fangs and some times a good temperment (only handled wild ones to put them outside)
  • do you recommend handling the b. vagans?
  • yes good choice they're not much hair flickers but sometimes give you an impression of "Hey, Back off" eventually she'll let you pick her up. Try a B.Smithi the Mexican Red knee much more docile but a hair flicker
  • My Mexican Red Rump is very docile.
  • hi im joey im in the hobby and i have 7 tarantulas i have a better tarantula brachypelma smithy (mexican red knee) they kick hairs but not as much a the red rump !
  • Those common names are no good, they just cause confusions. Brachypelma vagans ect should be used
  • I have not had good luck handling them. I find them to be nervous, prone to kicking defensive hairs (it itches) or bolting (they could fall and hurt themselves). Probably some individuals are more tolerant of handling than others, so if there is a reason to handle them (e.g., showing to a class), then test the animal beforehand to see how well it responds to being picked up. Maybe handling a young one frequently would improve the chances of success later.
  • He can just give them to me I love tarantulas! :)
  • But overall, this is not a species I would recommend as easy to handle.
  • Some people should be allowed to own tarantulas... who in the right mind releases their T's
  • i hold mine
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