arachnids - Breeding Green Bottle Blues and King Baboons and others...

Breeding Green Bottle Blues and King Baboons and others...

From (od) : Marita De La Pena | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 03:22 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 2805 | rating (ocena) 4.826087 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Breeding Green Bottle Blues and King Baboons and others....

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  • Someone told me that the males die straight after mating, is this true?
  • This is definitely one of my favorite videos so far!!!
  • The way the B.smithi seem to be going at it it's no wonder they're so common in the hobby ;) 
  • That's so awesome! Congratulations!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!
  • great vid, marita. will you be breeding your pokies soon?
  • Fantastic video
  • This is like watching a junior prom lol
  • Is it me B.smithi certainly not pure species seems to me that it is a hybrid of two species B.boehmei and smithi. Characteristic color on a orange-yellow legs. B.smithi Pure does not have the color orange.To but my guess is! I could be wrong, I do not have this species in the collection but I have seen more than once Brachypelma hybrids. Sincerely, Bob Yours.
  • Thanks, but you can see right away that it was a hybrid :) And you thought it was B.smithi clean? How much you sell hybrids? I have not yet but hybrids can rebuy something :)
  • Yes. This is a purebred Smithi. Is is difficult to determine hybridization from a dorsal view. To be certain you would have to dissect and key out the species with an identification guide. Just like in some other species one specimen can vary slightly in color from animal to animal. There is also the issue of coloration looking misleading on camera. Even my complexion looks different from video to video depending on variations on camera work and lighting in the hopes of optimal animal footage.
  • Ha ha. "Knocking Boots"?
  • Right? LOL! I almost put that in the title but decided I better not! LOL! -DTG
  • Thank you so much:)
  • Woah this is impressive we struggled to organise one mating :) Superb stuff DTG...
  • Love Ur vids
  • Dont prod the king baboon male towards the burrow like that, thats probably why he tried going right into the burrow and pissed off the female, be patient and let him do his own thing. Nice spiders though.
  • Hi Marita, Just wanna update you on my GBB breeding project. Last night we were able to successfully mate them, it took my pair gbbs exactly an hour to get it done. My male was very scared of the female, he will try to approach her then back away....I did not expect to see the male have the courage to engage the female and make it..As much as I want to capture the mating project on was just too fast! lol....wish me luck on the eggsac. :-) Regards.
  • this video...too bad the gbb had no success... but still a great video... :-)
  • Doppleganger- We are actually breeding some Poc.s now but their breeding rituals are so long and quite tedious, we didn't really want to disturb them and honestly couldn't think of a way to capture it on film without having lengthy, low action videos that most people wouldn't enjoy watching at all. If you would like to see a Poc breed we can attempt a Regalis breeding vid. Let me know. I do what I can to cater to my viewers preferences.
  • Halo Marita, please check your email, i have few question. keep up the video. thanks.
  • I've got a single female juvie(3 inch) Featherleg Baboon, that I raised from 1/4". She is my first tarantula. She's mellow for Stromatopelma. Do you have them in your collection?
  • Awesome! Thank you! 'Sub' me if you like. I just posted a few new vids! -DTG
  • Marita, you make me laugh with your comments ;) I never thought i would be liking a tarantula video, but they are very cool indeed =0) I never knew there were so many types of them! p.s. your video camera is AWESOME
  • b. smithis do have some orange mixed in with red and some yellow. mine does and she is a pure breed :) some individuals have variations on colour but can still be pure
  • its like a T orgy haha great video
  • No egg sack yet!!! We're still working on it!
  • We don't! I hope to add some soon though.
  • great vid ill be sure to keep watching your breeding vids love the gbb's
  • thanks..hows your gbb mating project going?
  • Flashback to the 90s? LOL!
  • Wow! Thanks, Nick! That means a lot to me! I'm so glad you liked it! -DTG
  • Bob- You are exactly right! I love seeing these little discussions start. I often gets very interesting!!! ;) -DTG
  • Wow! That is an amazing compliment. My hope was not just to gain viewers from the hobby but to entertain non spider/snake hobbyists as well. There is actually a lot of beauty and fascination that you can enjoy by watching a really good video, even if you never decide that you want to own or study the animals yourself. I am glad that I am able to translate all of that to people who might not have ever consider learning about something that they assumed was weird, gross, scary, or just ugly.
  • Thank you! As you can imagine, this one was a lot of fun!!! -DTG
  • It was fantastic!!! You should have been here!!! I'm so glad we went in on that male together! YOU ROCK!!!
  • More information, przyczepy tirowe - here.