arachnids - Rehousing four baby tarantulas.

Rehousing four baby tarantulas.

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  • You shouldnt own tarantulas. After watching this video and the way you handle them. I'm pretty disgusted to say the least. You just shoved them into the pots like they weren't even live creatures. You should seriously look how to care for your ts. Nothing about the enclosures because they weren't bad. But the way you shoved them into the new homes was atrocious. I'm not 'hating' I am clearly stating the obvious and I think most other tarantula keepers will agree.
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  • And rehousing video, riiiggghhhttt?
  • Indeed, and thanks!
  • Where did you get those cool enclosures?
  • Dollar Tree, they were with the school supplies beginning of the season, 2 for a buck.
  • very nice.,.gotta love dollar tree! Well done.
  • Well, whatever works for ya =P
  • Cute babies!
  • Thank ya! :)
  • Very adorable lil sweeties there, Wolfie! Said it before, I absolutely love the names of your T's. I have a ton of rehousing to do now myself, had 6 molts in 5 days, 4 yesterday, so it's definitely rehousing week.
  • Cool! Lovely job Wolfie :)
  • Didn't plan on making a rehouse vid, I rarely do them but I just got an exo-terra nano tank for my P. Metallica which just molted yesterday. Maybe I'll do a rehouse vid on my Metallica next week when I rehouse her.
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