arachnids - EXOCUBE - Custom made acrylic terrariums

EXOCUBE - Custom made acrylic terrariums

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  • @oreowithmilk1 Yes, small snakes can be kept in this kind of enclosures. The "cross" ventilation provides the best ventilation for any small lizard, snake or any type of arachnids
  • @MrPuffinAndHuffin Sorry man, i live in Europe.
  • would this provide enough ventilation for a baby corn snake? if you dont know about snakes then nvm
  • wow dude those are very there a tutorial video out there on how to make acrylic enclosures like that?
  • awesome work! where do u live maybe i can comission one of those! im il Illinois
  • @oreowithmilk1 I`m not making those kind of screens anymore because i had a problem with a T that tried to escape through the screen vents and she almost did it. I`ll put some new pics with the new models i`m making now.
  • @inkmonamour I could do that. Here`s my email: Mail me some info about the sizes and i will let you know the price.
  • next time do some how to video
  • how much for one exocube?
  • those are nice ass enclosures
  • Do you have any for sale... I` ve send you msg on your mail but no answer yet.
  • awesome!
  • @LilCorujao tarantulacages@com
  • oh ya and also the site JamiesTarantulas sell clear hinges and hasps
  • Really good looking enclosures.Respect from me too you. I tried in acrylic and jeez, what a shit it was lol. Done mine with glass now :P
  • Very nice. I don't have creatures that small but if I did those would be ideal. I don't like obstructions in my view. Thanks Aj.
  • I couldn`t find a place to buy acrylic hinges and hasps, so i decided to make them myself
  • @Nelixon987 This video Contains content from: Music Shake I don`t know the song name.
  • How much does it cost to make one
  • wanna buy one, but where do you put lighting?
  • hello! :) do you ship to Italy?
  • @h0med0gg I've been watching your work, I need to make a pair of boxes interconnected one with the other, can you help me?, what kind of glue did you use?,ty 4 the answer...
  • oh and how did you put the screens on the side in? thanks for any feedback
  • Go to.....TAP Plastics. They have the hasps, hinges, plexiglass, cement and lots of other related items.
  • those are really nice. I like the acrylic latches.
  • hey Balamaci im buying a arboreal T here soon i was wondering how much they coast and what sizes are available
  • how thick are those acrylic walls? they're fine under heat lamp?
  • Thanks man Honestly, i didn`t make a tutorial on how to make acrylic enclosures, but maybe if u search the internet u`ll find one. There is a tutorial on how to make a backdrop if u`re interested.
  • They look just great. well done!!
  • Oh no, I thought you lived in the US! I wish we had them here...
  • @SpinninTom I`m from Romania
  • Can i get these in the uk
  • @projektarcada Yes those enclosures are for sale, but i don`t ship outside my country....for now.
  • More information, kombajn grimme - here.