arachnids - Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula (Theraphosa Blondi) v Mouse

Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula (Theraphosa Blondi) v Mouse

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  • i have a goliath bird eating tarantula and 1 night i woke up and it was in a little cage that had all the mice in so i can breed the mice and feed him them instead of going 2 a pet shop every week 2 get him a mouse so bac 2 da story i foun him i n it and when i wook up he killed the last mouse and i was like WTF now u btter eat all of dat
  • @TheAlaricPetz I would agree, but I didn't feel like searching through a bunch of bullshit songs to find something that would fit.
  • that awkward moment when a spider this size crawls up your ass and you ask your friend to get it out for you
  • you might aswell not put a song on there, theres plenty of songs u can use for this..
  • god daym!!!!!
  • That Spider leaped on that lil sucker so fast, I had to see it over again, just the leap part. Awesome Kill! Careful, sometimes the Spider can lose a limb.
  • this is terrible at least give your spider frozen mice. it made me want to puke!
  • If your going to own a Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula at least look after it properly, too many people feed them mice when that can sometimes be fatal, it should be fed insects (preferably cockroaches).
  • Eccck. And my boyfriend is getting one of these. -_-
  • How about Spider by They Might Be Giants? lol
  • aw poor mouse :(
  • Funny thing is that would probably work. Not as armour, but as a defence perhaps. Tarantulas have very poor eyesight, only being able to sense minor changes in ambient lighting. So due to the reflective nature of tinfoil, the spider would be see a constantly moving mass of light (which would really just be reflections from the room). I was eating a cereal bar not two minutes ago, and when my Red Knee saw the reflective side of the wrapper she freaked. So no more cereal bars in my room lol =/
  • @TheAlaricPetz inorite, but its such a good song despite being from a shitty band.
  • man dude that was the shit man it went right into the mouse's eye! oh i think the song was fitting!
  • @Tasha5843 They don't actually eat the mouse they just inject an acid which dissolves all of the organs and then they drink them
  • if you want that spider to moult properly dont feed it mice
  • I cried.
  • Hey you know the way tarantulas liquify the creatures before eating them, what would happen if that happened to us?
  • Cool music cool spider. Can't wait. Till we. See it fully mature
  • @mastershake2021 best comment EVER
  • @Phoebala99 spiders will only eat live prey
  • That mouse lacks groundwork. He should learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Sambo so he has a better ground game.
  • super interesting, try to get a better angle next time! too much glare! but cool shit.
  • Inspite if the song being completely overused on youtube it fits this video perfectly the spider attacks the mouse just as he starts screaming. Very well done.
  • awesome even thought it isnt healthy for them to eat mice...
  • @mastershake2021 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats the funniest shit iv ever read on here!!! and a little sword and sheid
  • Spider 1 Mouse 0
  • More information, ziemniaki Vineta - here.