arachnids - Stella the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Molting

Stella the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Molting

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  • hey my goliath shed skin came out in good condition and better still i got an expert to open the abdomen bit up,sex it and then rebuild the abdomen back up, its in brill condition, how did urs come out?
  • i honeslty dont know, i think the legs stretched out but not all the way out i honestly dont know, all i know is that legspan is measured diagnoally from say the left front leg to the right back leg
  • I love your videos. The next few videos I will be posting is the Stripekneed tarantula in her new larger/hardened skin attacking a cricket and using the spinnerets to wrap it up. Pretty interesting. I'm also glad I was the first one to post the Argiope Spider's egg laying process.
  • I know. I still get annoyed about the flashlight glare on the tank. Anyway, She grew about another inch in leg span, and now is realy big. Most of her growth goes into the legs when molting and her abdomen gets realy small. Now the abdomen grew so large she is almost hairless.
  • Yeah, it took mine 5 days. I'm also curious to know. When people say "leg span" of the tarantula, do they mean when they are at rest, ro when the legs are streched out.
  • Not after this one, but the next one did turn alot darker. I still don't think it's mature becuase she lacks tibial "Stripes" now. Maybe she has one more to go.
  • Thats amazing. Shes beautiful.
  • I think you do not have to be so apologetic about vid quality. All of your spider footages are very interesting to watch. Just keep posting. And ... goodnight! lol
  • Actually, I was unable to even get to the skin because she molted in her burrow. I'm hopeing to try and get the next one.
  • ahhh i see. my goliaths burrow is just an extra large flower pot and she molted in there, i didnt think she wud have the room but she done it, the next morning i picked her fresh molted skin out with my bare hands and it made my hands itch well bad. it took her 2weeks for her new skin to harden along with her new fangs. probably coz of her size.
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