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Reptology New Products Showcased at Global Pet Expo

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  • How much is the Screen cage? (£)
  • cool #LOL
  • You should
  • I agree I cant wait for the products to hit the shelfs instead of the typical product you see at the shops the only think I saw was teh TURTLE TOPPER I really want the turtle food that mixes the pellets and shrimp since my turtle (Banana PUdding) she loves both
  • Iguanas need HUGE enclosures. You should build your own. A full grown iguana can not be housed in anything that any terrarium that is offered right now unless it is a custom built one. Check out the company Cages by Design for larger sized builds.
  • Exo-Terra offers better quality stuff.
  • Chesleycareystar- it's a green tree monitor
  • @zZxZ3R0xZz it is a fake lizard
  • I'm glad they made turtle products that work. Most of those are just popular DIY designs that have been adapted into commercial products. I'm disappointed in the filters though. Those filters are not strong enough for any turtle tank.
  • How do I buy reptology products?
  • This Would Be Excellent For My Reptiles R.R.
  • @ripwalter34 frget that stik it on its side
  • I don't know which to get for iguana
  • do you wash your hands after holding the tortoise
  • I might get one of those tanks for my geckos. They are so cool!
  • that tortoise enclosure is perfect !
  • I wish more brands made some big decent turtle/tortoise pens. D; I get jealous as fk when I see people with their custom shit like really how the fuck am I going to do something like that lol
  • @ReptilesNe1 No your not, and no one cares.
  • Why is it that vertical enclosures are always way more expensive than regular horizontal ones?
  • good but the glass front would stress out a cham
  • NICE!!! I love the Tortoise enclosure and the product for the turtles I have a turtle of my own and always nice to see what is new on the market the new food line as well is very interested especially the pellet and shrimp combo no adays you have to buy everything seperate...5*
  • What size is the one for the reptile that u can also have fish at the bottom
  • Great for chameleons!
  • @zZxZ3R0xZz the lizard toy was water dragon
  • @emostars71 i just couldn't agree more with you buddy. they are so good!! just wished they could expand their market as exo terra and zoo med does. hehe.
  • you must construct additionall pylons
  • @BurningSofas go online and buy stuff at their website or at shows
  • lol
  • what lizard was in that tank at 2:13
  • Well done. You have successfully copied Exo Terra.
  • A magnificent line of products.
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.