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  • I seen nothing wrong with the way u handeled it. just next time. Ex NEY THE METAL TWEEZERS LOL.. GOOD JOB.. HOPE YOU RED UP AND WATCHED HANDLING BOOKS AND VIDEOS. HOW IS HE DOING?????
  • She is way to big for that enclosure!!!! Least a 30 gallon tank. Poor baby!!! Why are you scared of her? She really deserve better! 
  • Wow come on u could of crushed his legs with the container that's just horrible 
  • Damn!!! Could you imagine that tarantula crawling around in your bathroom, without knowing it. Takin a shower and then BOOM! Tarantula to the face! lol Creepy...
  • First of all you have no idea how to to take care of a tarantula, especially for a T.stirmi this size, The substrate is no where deep enough for her to burrow, which bring me to my second point, she has no hide and that container is no where near big enough for her, she can barely move around... the poor girl, she needs at least a 10 gallon tank and 4 inches of substrate and then, your just prodding her with metal tongs/tweezers, which could penitentially do damage, not to mention it could damage her fangs if she turns round and bites them, that's why it is advised to use a straw or the soft end of a paint brush and reading from your previous comments, YOUR FEEDING HER 4 DUBIAS A WEEK?! Your just going to make the poor girl overweight, which will in fact shorten the life span of the tarantula, So I guess what im saying in a nut shell is... You shouldn't own tarantulas, you clearly don't know enough information to take care of them and if you have gotten your advise from your local pet shop, then there dumb as fuck too. Rant over!
  • Don't get a tarantula if you can't even handle it without scaring it. Jeez.. 
  • Why do you have this creature if you are so obviously scared of it? Is it just cause you think its "cool" to have a giant spider?
  • Oh man... Dont take care of Spiders, pls..You dont even know how to handle her, and you're more scared as the Spider, you shouldnt take care of Spiders if you are afraid of them...
  • find that critter a loving home, you obviously do not have a clue on what you are doing
  • poor girl! judging from the way you handled her in this video...I hope that one day she finds her way into a new and caring home...or that you have tried to do a little more research into this hobby and have learned yourself how to properly care for her (and also realized that this was not a good choice as a starter T) many things done wrong here...good luck my friend
  • Lesson 1 with a Goliath don't poke it with tweezers n that tank u put it in wtf that is way too small for that spider where's its hide outs it needs hunting space I have a Goliath n her set up take ups the full corner ov my room .... Gain more experiance b4 handling these creatures its runnin coz its scared dumb ass
  • you shouldn't own the damn spider if you don't know how to handle it and take care of her. you guys are so fucking stupid.
  • But I would of screamed and ran a way like a little girl if I was that guy 
  • Why are you using tweezers/forceps? You can actually pick them up/hold them if you know what you're doing, which you clearly don't.
  • you could of hurt here :(
  • That spider is fucking massive, holy shit!
  • Esa pobre tarantula seguro ya murio con semejante webon de dueño gringo pelotudo 
  • First of all a goliath might not have alot of venom but its not a "starter" trarancula its for more advanced handlers and by the looks of it you need to return that poor thing. Second of all that contanter and soil isnt deep enough for the spider to burrow or Burry his food.Third of all poking him with two prong tweezers will rial her up (assuming her becuase of the big abdomin) she will think its another spider attacking her. Lastly your trapping the poor things legs in a tupper wear tub and they take a full 6 months to grow back. It might look "cool" to own a tarancula but they out live most cats. Give them a good life asshole.
  • I don't think you did much wrong here bro. As you say, you didn't expect her to dart. The enclosure you put her in looks lush!
  • So was hab ich gern =) Muß man haben, kann man aber nicht anfassen =D
  • That was careless. I don't care how many animals you have 'in your room'. There was no preparation and no regard for the spider's safety.
  • Wow. Poor thing. 
  • wow thats dumb
  • damn you SOCK!
  • It needs to bite your hand off
  • You are very brave.
  • So where was the attack?
  • More information, - here.