arachnids - tarantula shipment DOA king baboon / avic

tarantula shipment DOA king baboon / avic

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  • Yeah, this is almost too hard to watch. :( Horrible way for these creatures to go. Really hard to look at the Crawshayi :'( I wish you much better luck on the next shipment. Pray for a warm spell and then order at that time.
  • use a knife last time. *snickers* sorry for the loss of t's.
  • brutal man, sorry for the losses.
  • Funny, thats the SAME thing i shipped alex, THAT SAME EXACT king baboon. i wonder if he even repacked it before he sent it to you
  • That sucks man. Like ELO419 said, NEVER ORDER FROM ALEX080. The guy's a complete scam artist. He ships stolen Ts. He put me out a whopping $400 promising me he'd ship, one of which I bought from RobC to find it go to somewhere else... 2 years later and still NO Ts.
  • sucks dude could u have it sent overnight
  • the bitch must of been at least 10 years old. FUCK UPS!
  • Sorry about the tarantulas.... I hate seeing stuff like that. Poor baboon.. no heat packs at all!?
  • Yeah, I don't even like spiders at all, but I still think that was wrong poor lil things :(
  • @Giusep00 Yes, It is a shame. You can put the FRAGILE label on but that's it. You can get into serious trouble with the Postal company telling them its a live animal.
  • What a damn shame to lose such an expensive T like that.
  • that sucks... especially the king baboon since thoughs r pretty expensive.. NEVER ORDER FROM ALEX.. i heard from so many people on youtube saying hes a scam.
  • did the package say live animal or perishable or anything? such a shame. Those were pretty
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