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Tarantula Hunting

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  • i feel pity for the tarantula
  • Nice video. Use caution when planning a collection trip simply because Mexico does have restrictions regarding collection of tarantulas. You can get permits, and it is always a good idea. Peace!
  • thx
  • While in Mexico on a mission trip we found and held a tarantula so I was wondering if I could email you a photo and maybe you could tell me what kind it is? :)
  • Ugh there is no reason to poor water on her. Just scratch at the top of her burrow... she will come out to see if there is prey out there.
  • when i watching insects i always have a feeling something is crawling on me..
  • respect...
  • man ballss lol that stick would not be long enough for me and i won a .o.b.t
  • I wonder how long these beautifull spiders live... to google!!
  • now he has to make an entire fuckin burrow all over again...
  • Nice vid mate, what type of tarantula is that btw? Also, do they go back to the burrow ok after the flooding?
  • yeaah cool video ;-)
  • Thank you for the vid! Definitely some good field hunting info here =D
  • did you take him to your home?? If yes i would say asshole, if not i would say nice you aint bring down the burrow!
  • own**
  • where can i find a tarantula in dallas tx
  • I took a visit to California for a family reunion and I had one crawling up my leg as I sat by the fence lol Freaked people out! If it weren't for the strict "no venomous pets" rule my parents have me under you bet I would have a Red Knee! :P
  • hey thats awesome
  • nice video
  • I'm glad that you posted this, we have tarantulas in Oklahoma and I want to get one once the warm weather comes around. I hope people follow your advise and only take one of each at the most. I would hate for tarantulas to just start disappearing. I guess the slings will have small burrows if they even make them when they're young. I'm still learning about tarantulas.
  • He's on your junk! AHHH!
  • Cute
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