arachnids - Matthew feeds Robbie the Honduran Curlyhair Tarantula

Matthew feeds Robbie the Honduran Curlyhair Tarantula

From (od) : SpidersfromTroom | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 01:25 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 233 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. tu | Matthew feeds Robbie the Honduran Curlyhair Tarantula.

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  • No problem Matthew :) I don't have a curlyhair yet but buying more Ts really soon I will do a unboxing video as soon as I get them I always wanted a Goliath too bro but I've got a list I really like to have i'm very glad your dad helps you guys and also shares the hobby with you make sure to check out my videos on my channel talk to you guys later thanks again love your videos :)
  • great job as always love the video
  • Thanks for that it's much appreciated :) It is good to hear BAM again
  • Ha ha. Bam! He hardened up quickly. Hope you guys are all ok.
  • I have just seen all the Robc videos. I have to be honest and say a tear ran down my face when i realised it was actually him. I hope the move goes really well.
  • Yeah I'm glad he is back! Awesome video man!
  • Hello FV :) Matthew says: 'I like your videos as well. They are cool. Robbie is growing very fast!'
  • Knew you would like that. we fed hi because he was looking for it every time we went near... He is still quite small bless him. Robc is making vids again! we are doing okay just moving stuff out today and for the next couple of days. Hope you guys are all doing well and your lovely Ts...
  • We will go through your back catalogue, thanks for the kind comments :)
  • Morning M :) Matthew wanted to say: 'Your videos are cool and your Ts. I would like to get a Goliath like yours one day. Thank you for the nice comment. Matthew x'
  • Thanks RR :) Matthew says: 'Thank you for your comment I am glad you liked it. Ahev you got a curlyhair that I could see? One day I will get a Goliath but dad says not for long time. Bam to you too :))'
  • No shame in that mate, he's been a big influence on a lot of us. I felt that the things were right in the world when I heard him say BAM! Thanks for that, should be fully in by end of next weekend. So much crap!
  • Great video Matthew loved that you named your T Robbie were all glad Rob is back BAM!!!
  • Good job, Matthew! You and Ben are such good helpers and take good care of your tarantulas!
  • Thank you :) We will soon just working around boxes and chaos... Will be glad when it's done now
  • Hello ERB Matthew says: 'Thank you you are awesome. I'm glad you liked him. A big Bam for you from Matthew'
  • Awesome vid as usual plus u should do more than 1 feeding in 1 vid
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