arachnids - Animal Crossing City Folk - Catching a Tarantula

Animal Crossing City Folk - Catching a Tarantula

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  • oops lots of typos in my last comment sry my phone sucks
  • yeah im playing acww now i just got it and yes the world is flat also like new leaf but not near the beaches in acnl there are huge hillsnby the beach. i think there waas not enough space to put huge hills in acww. :-|
  • Congratulations! This and the Scorpion gave a hard time in Wild World :s
  • yeah they were
  • Thank you! I was hoping I caught it right! xD
  • Yeah! haha
  • Lol! I've never played it on WW, but I heard that the slopes were flat in that game. haha
  • Hey there! Nice to see you here! Thank you Mallie! :)
  • Yeah, but around 0:50, you could have taken a couple steps towards it (slowly of course) and caught it then.
  • The tarantula was so dumb @ 1:12
  • LOL, I was wondering what you were waiting for. But I'm glad you caught it. :D Good job.
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