arachnids - Brachypelma Boehmei AKA Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula

Brachypelma Boehmei AKA Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula

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  • Ohhhh wow!! I have a fireleg named Cuddles.. I really hope she gets as big and beautiful as Cinder :)!!
  • Wow, Nice Fire Leg Tarantula... I just ordered my very first Tarantula and its a Fire leg tarantula and it's still half a coin big. I will receive it this Sunday... I hope mine would grow beautifully like yours... :)
  • My young Boehmei that I bought last summer has calmed down substantially (regarding kicking hairs) since I got him, and the last time I held him/her, I didn't notice any kicking, now I have a question for you: Do you get more itchy around the Boehmeis than any of your other species? I noticed after handling mine this last time that he/she didn't kick that I was itching like MAD. Just wondering. Nice video.
  • cinder is so pretty!!!
  • Man that's a beautiful T, but being a famous hair kicking specie, I didn't get it. I don't like hair kicking T's. Ended up with B. Smithi, man this specie is super docile.
  • I hate firelegs, walk within 20 feet of the cage and they kick themselves bald.
  • You're spiders hair kicks aren't itching because you're allergic, they're itching because that's the whole point behind the defense. They're urticating bristles.
  • All my smaller ones bite first also!
  • Awesome! Mine is slow growing for sure.
  • My boehmei never kicks hairs but is very skittish and will not hesitate to bite. I notice that some boehmei's have black on their carpace and others like mine it is completely orange
  • I'm sorry but some people don't seem to be affected by urticating hairs at all. some like me have a more severe reaction to the hairs with some species over others. Urticating hairs can cause the body to have an allergic reaction to them coming in contact to the skin. People have had reactions to even a small amount of hairs causing their bodies to break out in hives and a rash from head to toe.
  • Oh, in that case maybe it is an allergic reaction. I stand corrected. Beautiful things none the less. I just bought a very young one today.
  • Certainly my favorite looking Brachy! Great job!
  • Mine kicks hairs a lot but the best way to get her to move without kicking hairs (If ya wanna hold her) is push their butts very slowly and they'll go where ever you want with no skittish or aggression.
  • Can't wait to see ours grow this big. Beauty T :)
  • Awesome:)
  • Wow, mine has never even given me a threat posture ! kicks hairs if I so much as look at him though. Awesome T's
  • awesome video :)
  • i was expecting my little one to bite. she always does too. but she was really hungry so i fed her after the video
  • Great info video :)
  • More information, żyto - here.