arachnids - Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma Lividum) AGGRESSION

Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma Lividum) AGGRESSION

From (od) : maybe2243 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 02:01 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 10929 | rating (ocena) 2.9 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma Lividum) AGGRESSION.

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  • Name of song?
  • it is not aggression, it was self-defense!I really do not see the point in this video..Most people already know that this kind of tarantula bit more need to disturb her..
  • What the hell were you trying to do? Piss it off!?
  • As if blowing on it calms it down...
  • she doesnt climb the brush to bite?
  • she wants a belly rub, go on its fine.
  • you need to get a simpler T. You can't cope with this particular type.
  • a cup and a paint brush
  • @TheTarantulasWeb i dont want to get bit so i dont do this very often ;-P
  • no
  • stop stressing the fuck out your haplopelma, pl0x
  • Its people like this who give's these animals a bad name i have a colbolt and she is beautiful if you dont wind them up there not so bad
  • Don't blow on her, t's feel the vibrations on the hair so it will make her more angry which stresses them out, U need to learn more about your t bro
  • be careful with all haplopelma's, stromatopelma's, and baboon species. they could run at you and bite you but it's not common. haplopelma's will play dead and will not give warning when there going to react when first going into the cage. Use a long paint brush if you need to but your best to leave this species alone and a decent setup. find a better species to help you forget about the haplopelma.
  • mine does the same when i mist her she tried to bite me the day i got her and got dropped of the trunk of a car onto concrete. but she lived and is as mean as ever!
  • @lakestuntcrew there the meanest
  • idiots like you shouldn't keep animals... you don't have a clue of it anyway...please die..
  • Nice video :) Visit my canal with snakes, tarantulas etc :) Greetings.
  • no clue of what?
  • how do you catch her?
  • no clue of careing for an animal! that animal needs alot of substrate and only an idiot with small balls treats it like you do... "Ill do whatever i want to my fucking pets asshole" nice comment idiot...get yourself a hamster...retard
  • i have other species,i just have this one because i rescued her from a pet store at a very cheap not going to mess with her,i already have transfer her to this terrarium i have,and i wont mess with her anymore lol i just dont know what to do on the day i need to change the substrate,i think i will use a big stick to get her out of the burrow from the distance
  • im just asking because i have a haplopelma vonwirthi,and im afraid to force her to move inside a cup to clean her tank using the tongs or a brush,because i saw some videos of baboon tarantulas climning the tongs and other stuff to bite the owner
  • Haha :*D she's ready to bite alright lol...! but hey...she's cute whens she's angry :*D
  • More information, worek raszlowy - here.