arachnids - Rehousing my Honduras Curly hair Tarantula (B.Albopilosum) Sling

Rehousing my Honduras Curly hair Tarantula (B.Albopilosum) Sling

From (od) : Exoticpetz23 | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 05:08 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 4567 | rating (ocena) 3.4444444 | Advert. | Rehousing my Honduras Curly hair Tarantula (B.Albopilosum) Sling.

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  • Is this retard for real? You could have easily squished the T picking it up like that! And do NOT poke it that hard, use a paintbrush, poor T! :(
  • use a paint brush you, will hurt him with your hands like that and drop him so high you will kill him , shame
  • I've watched three Honduras Curlyhair videos now and in all of them the people wrapped their hands around the spider to pick them up. I've never seen that done with other T's. Why is it I've seen people pick them up like that? Or was it just coincidence I saw it three times.
  • dude, the sling just fall off! be careful
  • for this spider i don't need any heat source or specific lighting do i? because my pet store i selling a female one the same size as this for £12 and i want it haaha
  • nice. my B albop is an adult female but she always vanishes down her hide at the slightest disturbance, she awas the same at this size too, shame cuz she is a really cool looking t, just cant show her of lol
  • @bichir05 the sling was not hurt at all when i was doing this. its still doing just fine. theres no need to freak out or anything. and he actually jumped down from my hand to his new enclosure which was not a big gap in between the two. so please do not post comments like this one on my videos again because it makes my channel look bad.
  • @hazi9616 sup man, well most likely you should have found out the issue by now lol. ive been away for soooo long. but usually when your T shows that kind of behavior its near time to molt :D
  • hey bro I have a problem with my T....hes not been eating well lately and 90%of his time is spent in his burrow because hes is preparing for a moult?tell me what u think and thanks very much !nice vid btw
  • You know what i have noticed is that the curly hair is alot more calm then the smithi my smithi is fast and very skitish
  • @sparkingtonstanly i have a jouvi curly hair as well and she does the same thing sometimes. its funny cuz these are supposed to be some of the more nicer T's but it seems ours have skittish personalities lol. but thats how every T is they all have their own personality.
  • The housing of the spider should be smaller they like to feel what they have around them
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