arachnids - Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Feeding

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Feeding

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  • Don't tell me that you provide em with a sponge for their water source?? Sponges could harbor deadly bacteria in the long run, than crystal clear water. 
  • Give it some water Mann..
  • Humza Hussain here is your advice. Don't get one they don't like Muslims!!
  • Thank you !!!
  • I subcribed I am buying one can yo give advice
  • dude you have so many reptiles to feed now it must cost you a fortune to feed them all.
  • So beautiful
  • i dont like spiders but good video bro
  • Shes looking a little dehydrated keep that water dish up! Great vids though i suscribed
  • cool spider. Why do some spiders have hair? Does it help them keep warm?
  • Thanks man !!!
  • Spiders do not have hairs, they have bristles. The bristles are actually touch-sensitive receptors and they allow the spider to sense minute movements in air flow, or the slightest vibrational.
  • Thanks ;-)
  • Gorgeous spider.
  • Awesome vid you should check out my vids
  • Cool vid :)
  • Nah not really good job helps with that lol
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