arachnids - Green bottle blue tarantula sling

Green bottle blue tarantula sling

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  • is anyone going to tell the world what kind of enclosure that is
  • How did you get the holes in the container 
  • That a nice cage and amazing sling 
  • thats an amazing enclosure u have there :)
  • GBBs are semi arboreal and are completely comfortable in a tall enclosure.
  • I have a GBB too!
  • Dude I wanna live where you're at haha
  • i would get it a bigger enclosure...and it should be longer then tall GBBs are ground dwelling T's. i love GBBs...have 2 my fave T!
  • My bro caught one of these babies in my mum's room. They're kinda like a plague here, but my bro and I always catch them and free them outside :)
  • Im so jealous you have like a zoo of pets congrats on living the dreams of many who wanted a lot of pets oh n btw theyre all so cute
  • btw, what gender is it?
  • What camera?
  • Where did u get that container???
  • Nice! Has it grown much this year?
  • @SilentSerpents I will when it gets a bit bigger. This is bigger then what the people who I got it from were keeping it in
  • Dude, you're totally welcome!
  • i know 2 aren't but i know that. but it should still have more space
  • what camera?
  • Where'd you get that cool container?
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