arachnids - Unpacking my new brazilian black tarantula

Unpacking my new brazilian black tarantula

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  • I just brought a Brazilian black spiderling, can't determan the sex yet but i'm hoping for a female. Beautiful T! She is trully stunning. :3
  • do you have a brazillian black male for sale need one urgently or do u know someone that does i need one bad
  • Purchasing a G.Pulchra...any suggestions on how to determine it is in fact a Brazilian black and not another species?
  • Teddy English / male
  • op, pls stay safe
  • Sweet new addition! I used to say I wasn't going to buy any more lol And look at me now!
  • Teddy English / sorry mate i sold my Brazilian black because it was a mate
  • There not to bad for beginners mate but personally i woild stick to a less tame species. males r alot smaller and have a small abdomen with really long legs and females have big abdomens with fatter legs.
  • are you planning on breeding her if so mail me because im looking at getting one and im after a female most shops round here though only sell males which im rather annoyed about :)
  • cheers mate ill try it
  • BEAUTIFUL new addition buddy I don't think she's ready for a molt, more likely she tried to hair James when he was packing her, the bald spot will turn very dark almost a black/purple colour when she's ready for a molt :P p.s. this isn't you last T...there's no such thing as a last T haha xD
  • She's beautiful :)
  • Hey dude, glad she arrived safe and sound and that you are happy with her. Yeah got haired a bit by her and my smithi, hands are still fucking itching like a bitching! Cheers for the good feedback. And last T my arse! You already want to by the OBT, lol.
  • I am not going to buy anymore ( 2:45 ) ha!
  • They are awesome creatures to look at, but I find them really scary if I imagine it touching me... Which is why I could never get one :(
  • It turned out a male so i sold him for breeding :-)
  • brandon lee@ have u tried Terra Xenesthis on Facebook mate he's a breeder
  • beautiful! do they make good beginners? and whats the difference between males and females?
  • Hi mate :-) the tarantula is awesome thank u sooooooo much. Sorry 2 say but it's a male :-(
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