arachnids - Joe Satriani - Dreaming #11 - Hordes Of Locusts

Joe Satriani - Dreaming #11 - Hordes Of Locusts

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  • Best version for me :-) 
  • I love this jam
  • I forgot what a cool riff this is, will have to see if there's tabs for this.
  • the crush of love, made me to buy this albun since then im a fan.
  • Array
  • Crush made me buy it, but this made me a fan for life. Thanks for the memories!!!!
  • it's a alien!
  • this song on dreaming #11 cassette a live show he kills the soloing!!
  • "Blows my hair back" - this song, and 'Memories' from this album. Like what Will said in Good Will Hunting - "Whatever blows your hair back".
  • I had this on cassette and would lay in the dark and just listen, trying to picture the scene.
  • @ragazzodimendicino I think that why he likes outer space so much (album and song titles) is because he is from outer space! :) cheers
  • Thank you very much :)
  • awful musician , realy hated it
  • The playing from 4:21 to 4:55 - UNREAL!
  • Best version of this tune in my opinion.
  • My favorite version of this song. Thanks!
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